"Ertino's Automation Framework (eAUTOMATE) , Robot Framework Reusable Maintainable Stable"

eAUTOMATE Architecture

Whether it is onboarding of a new device, transferring configs from one device to another, patching configs on an existing device, eZTP has you covered from Day-0,Day-1,Day-2 to Day-N provisioning.

Intefacing with network devices, servers and vms has never been easier.

ZTP is used to configure a switch without user intervention.

ZTP provides a flexible solution, provisioning the network infrastructure without requiring a network engineer present at install. A true ‘must have’ feature to contain costs and increase reliability when deploying scalable clouds and data centers.

Simplify your installation process from hundreds of manual steps to three simple steps:"Rack Connect Power-On"

ZTP ConfigPush Report

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